SCM Hours Change

We are changing the hours Seattle Community Media is open.  The changes are as follows:

-We are no longer providing "No Help Mondays."

-We will be opening an hour earlier on Wednesdays and Thursdays, at Noon. 

-On Wednesdays SCM will stay open until 7:30pm.  On Thursdays SCM will only be open until 5:30pm. 

-Due to the change in operating hours, there is a new slot of time in Stuido B, from Noon until 1:30pm. 

While the new SCM websites are functionally the same, in that they provide tools to produce videos, then broadcast and stream them, there are several very  important and fundamental differences between the two.  Please review the items below and consider them in your production planning and upcoming transition/migration.

Two Separate Sites

From an architectural standpoint, this is perhaps the most significant difference to understand.  There are two separate and distinct websites:

The Producer website
This is the site you are on now.  Once logged in, it is designed to be purely "task-centric".  You will see little or no "promotional" material on the site, and virtually no mention of any other producer members.  What you WILL see is your Producer Dashboard that centralizes all your production tasks.  The Dashboard is designed to 
  • Efficiently present a menu of tasks that you use to produce your programs
  • Maximize the window area to vastly reduce the amount of pages, clicks and scrolling need to accomplish things
  • Communicate and alert you with updates and information that will affect your productions and schedule
The Public website
As the name implies, this is the site that the "world" will see - designed for the viewing public to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Viewers will see items like Latest Episodes, Broadcast Schedule, On-demand streaming links, and optionally, Producer Profile information (see below for details).

One Login, Two Profiles

Your profile information is for this site only.  Both are described below, and have nothing to do with the public website. When registration becomes available for the public site, it will only be for the public viewer, to be able to interact on that site - the logins for each respective site will always remain completely independent of each other.

User Profile (Private)
This is your username, password, email address, and related membership information - it is you "the Person", not the Producer.  It is what you will log into the Producer site with, and will always remain private.  It is critical that it is accurate because it is the information that is used to communicate with you and to keep your membership in good standing.  Please use the name on your residence documents, and a reliable email address when you provide this information - it will not be seen or shared with anyone except the station staff. 
Producer Profile (Public)
As the name implies, this is the information to describe you "the Producer". Aside from complying with membership policy, it can be whatever you want to be - it is how your viewing public will see you.  Only a name is required - all the rest is completely optional, and you may change it whenever you like.

Series, Episodes, Specials, Promos, and One-Offs

In the past, each Producer has typically had a Series (maybe multiple series), and produced single episodes for that Series.  This might be the most exciting difference for you the producer!  Now, each Series has 3 different kinds of "Programs", not just one-size-fits-all shows:

1. Episodes
As with the old site, these are the sequential programs that are associated with a TV Series, typically having a new Episode for each week of the season.  They are up to 30 or 60 minutes long, and are expected to be close to that length most of the time.  
2. Specials
As the name implies, these are "special" full-length shows or episodes, such as a Christmas special, or similar.  They must pertain to your Series, and may only be scheduled for broadcast 3 times per year.  Additionally, the station will never automatically schedule a Special on your behalf.
3. Promos
Producers may now produce their own Series promotional programs to be used as filler when episodes are not long enough to fill the entire time slot.  They must comply to the terms and conditions, particularly, they must pertain only to the Series to which they belong must be 1 - 5 minutes in length, and are subject to scheduling constraints.  It is important to note that the Promos are a priviledge, and WILL be revoked if abused. 

NEW : One-Off Programs!

Each producer can now producer shows that are completely unrelated to their Series. This could be coverage of a major event, or a milestone of some kind.
These programs are basically the same in all regards as a "Special", as described above, but allows the Producer to stray from their Series subject matter while maintaining the "integrity" of their series.

And finally, it is important to keep in mind, that all of these program enhancements will always be subject to your membership agreements, and the terms and conditions that prevail. Because they are new, they are subject to change as they evolved and find a place in your productions.