SCM Hours Change

We are changing the hours Seattle Community Media is open.  The changes are as follows:

-We are no longer providing "No Help Mondays."

-We will be opening an hour earlier on Wednesdays and Thursdays, at Noon. 

-On Wednesdays SCM will stay open until 7:30pm.  On Thursdays SCM will only be open until 5:30pm. 

-Due to the change in operating hours, there is a new slot of time in Stuido B, from Noon until 1:30pm. 

Need help navigating the SCM website?  We've created four video tutorials that will help demystify the website. They cover how to use the public part of the website, how to become a member, how to navigate the SCM Producer site and create a series, how to upload and schedule an episode. 

Click on the video title to watch a tutorial on the associated subject.  Feel free to contact us if you still have questions after viewing the videos. 

Part 1- Navigating the Seattle Community Media SCM Website - The Public Website

Part 2 - Navigating the SCM Website - Becoming a Member

Part 3 - Navigating the SCM Website - Inside the SCM Producer Site - Where Things Are and Creating a Series

Part 4 - Navigating the SCM Website - Inside the SCM Producer Site - Uploading and Scheduling