SCM Hours Change

We are changing the hours Seattle Community Media is open.  The changes are as follows:

-We are no longer providing "No Help Mondays."

-We will be opening an hour earlier on Wednesdays and Thursdays, at Noon. 

-On Wednesdays SCM will stay open until 7:30pm.  On Thursdays SCM will only be open until 5:30pm. 

-Due to the change in operating hours, there is a new slot of time in Stuido B, from Noon until 1:30pm. 

Welcome to our February Newsletter.  We hope you'll take time to read this, as it contains valuable information about the new website, program uploads, suggested work flow tips, fixing program mistakes, scheduling and mature content. 

Thank You

If you are seeing this newsletter you have successfully become a member of Seattle Community Media, or, as a legacy producer of SCM, you have successfully created your account on the new SCM website.  We want to thank you for making the effort to become a member or to transition to the new website from the old website as a legacy producer.  We currently have over 30 legacy producers and several new producers using the new website. 

As you work with the new website, please let us know of anything you think we can do to improve it.  

FAQs, Policies and the New Website

In pulling over content from the prior SCM website, we realize many of the FAQs and some parts of the policies (dealing with the old website's workings) are currently out of date.  We'll be updating them as quickly as we can.  


The final component of the new website to be developed will be the scheduling part.  We hope to have it up and running with-in a month or so.  In the meantime, most website-based tasks you perform as a producer are currently available.  Be sure to use the website to create your episodes, as we are no longer accepting video files via We Transfer and the other on-line file transfer sites. 

Adding New Programs and Fixing Mistakes

The new website handles the task of creating new programs much more efficiently than the previous SCM website.  If you are a legacy producer, one thing we'd like to point out is that while the work flow is simpler, it is quite different.  Here are a couple tips:

    - A good rule of thumb is to start the process of uploading 96 hours prior to broadcast time, but you now have until 48-hours from broadcast time to upload your programs.  But note that at 48-hours from broadcast time your program form LOCKS, the time slot LOCKS, and no changes can be made.

    - The workflow has changed order.  On the new site you create the text information about your programs (similar to creating an episode page) first and add your video to this program later.  There is no more FTPing your video to SCM and the ingest folder no longer plays a role in the process.  Note that you can create the text information for your programs up to eight weeks out.

     - Each program accepts one video file representing the program. 

     - While we hope producers will create programs at the correct broadcast length, 28-minutes for your half hour slot, 58-minutes for your hour slot, the new website will accept programs longer than your slot will broadcast.  Here's what will happen if you submit a program longer than your broadcast slot:  For broadcast, the video you submit will be truncated at 28 or 58 minutes, depending on your time slot, and a slate will be added with information to check the website for the full program.  The streaming version will be the full length of the video submitted.

     - You add the video or videos after creating your programs (formerly know as episode pages).  You can create multiple programs in one session.  After adding the video for each program you want to create, you can upload all of the video by clicking Upload all Videos. 

     - If you've made a mistake and need to change text or change the video file you originally uploaded, you can with the new website!  Keep in mind all changes need to be completed before your program form LOCKS.  Your program form locks at 48-hours prior to broadcast time, no exceptions.  Follow the instructions to make the change or changes you need to make.  

Mature Content

We've had several instances of mature content not being marked "Mature."  If you create mature content, or are not sure, please read the definition of what is mature content in section 5.0 of the SCM policies.  Mature content can only broadcast between 10pm and 6am and intentionally does not go to or stream on our website.  Failure to mark these programs correctly could lead to mature content broadcasting at an inappropriate time and sending content to that they have specifically requested not appear there.  Failure to mark the episode as containing mature material may lead to suspension of privileges.

We've also had a couple instances of a non-mature program being marked "Mature."  If this happens your program will not stream on the SCM website. 

Bottom line, be sure to check your work after entering your program information and before saving it. 


Thanks, The Staff