SCM Hours Change

We are changing the hours Seattle Community Media is open.  The changes are as follows:

-We are no longer providing "No Help Mondays."

-We will be opening an hour earlier on Wednesdays and Thursdays, at Noon. 

-On Wednesdays SCM will stay open until 7:30pm.  On Thursdays SCM will only be open until 5:30pm. 

-Due to the change in operating hours, there is a new slot of time in Stuido B, from Noon until 1:30pm. 

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Begin immediately, you are now able to delete videos that you had previously uploaded, and replace them with an corrected file.  Broadcast Schedules prevail, but this functionality is now available to producers.

To begin with, some terms need clear definition:

Ingestion Folders
These do not exist anymore.  When you upload a file, it travels through a number of different locations during the "Ingestion Process".
Ingestion Process
Your upload initially arrives in a temporary folder, and then very quickly begins being moved to the first of a number of locations, one for each stage of preparing it for broadcast.
An Ingestion process can go on for many, many hours in some cases, with a trail of 5 or 6 different variations of your originally uploaded video file.

So, you don't actually delete "the" video file you uploaded - the Ingestion Process has to be cancelled so that all those files are deleted, your Program and Series properly reflect it, and Scheduling is updated.

To cancel the Ingestion Process, follow these steps:

  1. Start at "My Programs".
  2. For the Series that the Program is being ingested for, click on the blue "Upload Ingestion History" button.
  3. On the list that is displayed, locate the Program that you're cancelling the ingestion for by clicking on the Program Name link.
  4. The Ingestion History is displayed, with a large "Cancel Ingestion/Delete Videos" button near the top
  5. Included is a warning about cancelling the video, depending on how close the Broadcast Deadline is 
    If a video has not been received before the Broadcast Deadline, your program will not be aired, NO EXCEPTIONS!
  6. If you are certain that you have enough time to upload a replacement video, click on the "Cancel Ingestion..." button.
  7. Your video will now be deleted, and the Program will appear in the dropdown list of the Uploading page.

The cancellation might take some time, depending on where it is in the Ingestion Process. E.g. If the video is a very large F4V file - it will take 5 or 6 hours to finish converting the video, after which the cancellation can start.  You can check it's progress on your Dashboard Timeline - an entry will appear there when it begins.

EMPHATICALLY - If a video misses the Broadcast Deadline - it CANNOT be put into the schedule and your regular time slot will be filled with something else.