February 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to our February Newsletter.  We hope you'll take time to read this, as it contains valuable information about the new website, program uploads, suggested work flow tips, fixing program mistakes, scheduling and mature content. 

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Over the last few weeks, we've made a lot of tweaks and fixes on the Producer site, and it all seems stable.  For that reason, we are going to enter a "Code Freeze".  That means that we will not be making any non-critical changes after this coming Saturday (Jan 26th - Feb 3rd).  If there is ANYthing preventing you from creating programs or uploading your files, NOW is the time to let us know.

During this week, we will be monitoring the system, but will also be starting the initial changes for the Automatic Broadcasting System (ABS).

Right now, we are still relying on Deans knowledge of your Series to schedule the broadcast on television.  Ultimately, the system will be doing that automatically - based on how and when you create your programs!  In short, that means that YOU will be responsible for your shows being broadcast at the right time

You'll be well advised of this happening, but for obvious reasons, you should be absolutely sure that you're creating your programs with the right date, and accurate details.  Videos absolutely MUST be uploaded via the Producer tools - that is the only way your video will be broadcast or available to your users in any way at all.