February 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to our February Newsletter.  We hope you'll take time to read this, as it contains valuable information about the new website, program uploads, suggested work flow tips, fixing program mistakes, scheduling and mature content. 

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The first phase of getting the Producer site available to you is to create a new account based on all the information of your Legacy account on the old site.  It's going to take a small effort on your part, but we're giving you a FREE membership for all of 2019 for doing it.  Here's what we're doing to accomplish that.

Getting Clean Data

The old site is littered with garbage data - old data, hacked data, test data, incorrect data, and on and on.  SOMEWHERE in there is the actual information that we need to have on the Producer site so that you can move forward producing your shows in a fast and effective manner.

Instead of writing program after program to export the old information, cross our fingers, and hope that it's anywhere near right, we're going to ask YOU what your profile and series are, then get the matching data out of the old system.  This depends on you providing the accurate info to search for, and here are the steps we're going to follow to do that.

  1. We'll publish a link on the Producer site where you will type in your old Username (not password) to see if we have included it "on the list"
  2. If it is not there, we'll immediately be alerted to find and add it.
  3. Once it IS "on the list", you can use that to "request" a new Username (account)
  4. This "request step" is only ever going to be for converting legacy Producers to insure that we match things correctly
  5. SCM Staff will take what you requested, and match it to the old database on the old site.
  6. When matched, we'll send you a link that you can sign up with, and you'll have a new password to use with the same username, but on the new Producer site.
  7. If we can't find or match it, the only recourse is to start the request again with the corrected information - so review it carefully before clicking the button

The link to start this process will be on the Producer site on Monday.  Once there, you can request your new account, but it will be a day or two because we expect a lot of them to come in at first, and each of them have to be checked on the old site before approving them.

Again, please read Producers: The things that you NEED to know before we begin with the new site before you ever login to the new set.  There are a TON of improvements that might not make sense to you if you're not aware of a couple fundamental changes.