SCM Hours Change

We are changing the hours Seattle Community Media is open.  The changes are as follows:

-We are no longer providing "No Help Mondays."

-We will be opening an hour earlier on Wednesdays and Thursdays, at Noon. 

-On Wednesdays SCM will stay open until 7:30pm.  On Thursdays SCM will only be open until 5:30pm. 

-Due to the change in operating hours, there is a new slot of time in Stuido B, from Noon until 1:30pm. 

A hit counter was just added to the public website, and it was set to start counting where the legacy site left off.

We will see a dramatically lower number of visits - the old site was counting every visit - legitimate or not.  There are/were 300 or so visits per day by "foreign" countries in attempts to create bogus accounts.  The new site has security features to block these, and also any other malicious access to the site.  The result is a safer site, but at the expense of the apparent number of visitors to the site being lower.

More importantly however, a very large bulk of traffic to the legacy site was the producers themselves doing production tasks.  ALL of that traffic will now being on the producer site, so again, the visitor count on the public site will reflect that.